No large corporation works without data and data tools today. They have fundamentally become a part of this new E-world. Every company is thriving to obtain more and better data than others. Data tools are a great source of assistance to help businesses achieve their goals and ultimate outcomes. Companies are looking to increase their outreach with better systematic techniques that help to rationalize data. Despite all the benefits these tools offer, they can become a menace if not used properly. Most of the failed systems today are due to their overburdened databases and lack of proper data available that can be utilized.

Statistics and data must be changing every day in every field, especially healthcare. The statistics and numbers change daily, which leads to a change in the database.

We can only benefit from big data if it is regularly updated and regulated.


In healthcare systems, the data should be remodeled consistently to remain relevant. In healthcare, the stats are variable and show variation day to day or even hour to hour. This unsteadiness of data can cause difficulties for organizations that do not monitor their datasets constantly.

In healthcare systems, every healthcare worker is given a taxonomy code. These taxonomy codes are renewed in the system only twice a year. Yes, you heard it right, only twice. This complication is a challenge for the smooth flow of any healthcare system. For instance, a physician-prescribed medicine to a patient, but the pharmacy keeps rejecting the prescription because the respective doctor was not an authorized physician six months ago, and the pharmacy has a six-month-old dataset. This is one example of how not updating the data can be a problem in the structure.

Other problems that may occur are :

Decreasing the efficiency of diagnosis

More prevalence of predictive diagnosis

Increased workload and confusion among the workforce

Increased vulnerability of the database

No clinical decision support

Increased cost

Poor management


The data amount becomes twice almost every two years. The rapidly growing ability of data causes increased challenges for data providers to align the updated data, in accord with the customers’ requirements without disturbing the budget. Data providers manage and provide new data with quite an efficacy but the problem of remodeling the data has not been addressed properly. Businesses can only rely upon and put their confidence in data providers that will help the company grow, loaded up in a pile of old data will cause a breakdown of the system. This is probably one of the biggest challenges of big data.

The data providers are currently working hard to increase the effectiveness of database management systems by addressing these grave challenges, still, they have not come up with any possible solution yet. These challenges may hold back the unbelievable results. It may prove to be an enigma despite the myriad gains it offers.

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