There are different levels of care according to which hospitals have been divided and classified. Every level is based on the number of complex cases being dealt at that healthcare system. The skills of the doctors, physicians, and the severity of the disease being treated at that healthcare facility are what improves the grade. There are many different types of healthcare facilities and various types of hospitals. It is crucial to identify the type and nature of the services provided by a healthcare unit to find the right products to be marketed to them.

Different healthcare clinics and hospitals differ in their spectrum of services, facilities, tools, equipment, technology, and physicians. Therefore a proper knowledge and understanding of the basic structure and services provided by them helps to choose the right products for


Rural hospitals are hospitals located in relatively remote areas from urban-developed areas. Rural hospitals provide traditional hospital services which include emergency care, inpatient care, and laboratory testing, long-term care, maternity care, home health care, and primary care.

Rural hospitals have fewer areas with fewer beds and lesser space. The working staff has less and less patient turnover.

Community hospitals.

The American Hospital Association defines community hospitals as all nonfederal, short-term general, and other special hospitals. “Community hospitals include academic medical centers or other teaching hospitals if they are non-federal short-term hospitals1”

Community hospitals are located away from cosmopolitans. They are pivotal in providing healthcare and integrating the economy of locals. The main purpose of community hospitals is scattering of healthcare services to provide better accessibility and services to people. Community hospitals are known for their friendly and social care.

Academic hospitals are hospitals that train and teach future medical professionals. These hospitals are better in terms of their services by learning and combining the research knowledge. They have enhanced practicality.


Marketing is all about knowing your niche. The different types of hospitals vary in their finance, services, skills, and quality of care. It is noteworthy to know the nature of any hospital you will ever be working with to channelize the products only they will want to use. For instance, Academic hospitals are federally funded for their research. They can always utilize any new good technology products that aid them in research, meanwhile rural and community hospitals have a limited budget. Community hospitals cannot afford extra projects out of it.

Rural hospitals are known to provide only basic care with a limited number of beds, by marketing better and large deals for beds will not help them because they have limited space with a confined count of beds.

It is important to know where your customers are to have better sales and valuable customers. Every hospital has a different structure, which requires different sets of tools and doctors. But by understanding it, the product services and sales become much easier.

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