GPO is an acronym for Group Purchasing Organization.

A GPO is an organization that is based on membership. This organization is saddled with the responsibility of allowing its members to get discounts with associated suppliers. The discounts that are given are normally given to enterprises or other large companies. However, they are only able to access the benefit of this when they recognized as a member of a GPO. In this way, they will be able to comfortably obtain discounts that they won’t get with their effort alone. It is the GPO that is responsible for negotiating contracts on behalf of their members. This will help their members benefit immensely instead of paying huge sums.

The GPOs are known to negotiate various forms of goods and businesses that cuts across different industries. Thus, it is normal for the GPO to seek partnership with varying technologies, tools, and other services. There are always discounts available for any time of products or services that their members desire. It can range from corporate items, corporate housing and even furniture and fixtures.

In the United States, there are currently about 728 GPOs. Some of these GPOs are known to only serve one industry. They are popularly referred to as vertical GPOs. This is mainly common in the healthcare or hospitality industry. The others are horizontal GPOs that are capable of serving various forms of businesses in industries. The large numbers of GPOs that are present in the United States makes it difficult for organizations to make a pick. But, in this article is restricted to the healthcare industry and the GPOs that operate in such capacity. Some firms are always burdened with making the right choice and picking an ideal GPO that best represents its interest.

In the healthcare industry, GPOs are organizations that are aid healthcare providers (hospitals, ambulatory care centers) negotiate for suitable prices regarding drugs and medical products. As a result, we are going to discuss the top Hospitals GPO in the United States. They are:

Vizient, Inc :

This is a company driven by the need to improve healthcare performance. This company provides expertise and opportunities that improves patient healthcare at a reduced cost. Its membership includes community hospitals, medical centers and pediatric facilities. This organization is located in Chicago and has various locations in different cities in the United States. The company was awarded a contract in 2018 because of its commitment to health performance.


This organization is an alliance of 4,400 hospitals in the United States with about 225,000 healthcare providers and organizations. Premier is considered an industry leader that has a well-detailed database as well as other clinical practices. This company helps its members discover new opportunities and also improve the performance of healthcare organizations. It recognizes the importance of buying power of hospitals spread across the United States. It facilitates low-cost contracts of medical supplies by purchasing items needed ranging from medication, medical devices to lab supplies.

Healthtrust Purchasing Group, LP:

This organization is a reliable bet for small and medium-sized company to get a good deal. It is a Group Purchasing Organization that facilitates pricing contracts with manufacturers that supply medical equipment. Thus, this company acts on behalf of its members to get them reasonable prices. In addition, the organization, Healthtrust Purchasing Group, provides logistics services to its members.

Cardinal Health:

This company is located in Dublin and Ohio. It is greatly specialized in the distribution of pharmaceuticals that serves more than one hundred locations.  This organization is responsible for providing medical supplies of 75% of the hospitals that are present in the United States.

McKesson Corporation:

This is one of the biggest providers of pharmaceutical supplies in the United States. It was founded in New York but is now based in San Francisco. It is the largest distributor pharmaceuticals in North America. It provides products, technology and other related equipment to various parts of the United States.

Acurity, Inc:

This company was birthed as a result of the desire to meet the needs of health providers. The organization offers supply chain services to hospitals that are spread across the country. The organization is currently serving more than 300 different hospitals in the United States. It helps its members reduce operating expenses through the services it provides.

Hospital Purchasing Service of Michigan:

This organization serves helps members fulfil their mission. It aids the negotiation of products for members. They also purchase whatever its members need through their contracts and give them an opportunity to save cost and time. In summary, Hospital Purchasing Service of Michigan helps members get good deals. It provides assistance to 22 states in the United States.

Intalere, Inc:

The aim of this organization is to connect healthcare provides with suitable manufacturers. Also, the organization assist members with advisory solutions that helps them achieve measureable results. Intalere is a Vizient company that understands that healthcare providers always struggle with different challenges. So, they work closely with their members to prvide strategies that align with their individual need.

Greater New York Hospital Association:

It comprises of more than 300 hospitals that are found in New York metropolitan area. It works tirelessly to meet the demands of the members while also promoting healthcare needs and functions.


This is an American company that is concerned about the various ways of improving the performance of its members. They provide services to 4,000 hospitals and also efficiently assist 122,000 non healthcare providers. The company no longer exists in its original form but some of its products are still available in various companies.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) plays instrumental roles in hospitals in the United States. These GPOs are known to aid negotiation process for its members. Thereby, eliminating the hassles they experience in pricing. The effort of GPOs is seen in its ability to efficiently manage the pricing and negotiation process of medical services. As such, medical services and products are obtained at a discounted rate giving its members an opportunity to minimize cost.


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