Databases are now great tools undoubtedly used by all large businesses and companies, but every good tool comes at the expense of money. Money is a great factor when talking about data management tools. The initial sum paid is to acquire a seat/ login. The purchases made after that for maintenance of software and curation increase the prices to a very peculiar range. The prices can vary from 25$-50$ per hour that causes the company to spend thousands of dollars on a data tool, which sometimes makes the utilization of data tools unsustainable for many companies. Small businesses may end up spending around 2000$-10000$ for database design.

Investing in data management tools is like investing in the future of the company, but these unpredictable costs make it hard to plan a particular budget for the data tools.

Why are databases so expensive

It is easy to collect data, but converting it into real valuable information is time-consuming, and a tough task. Data increases by its three Vs, volume, velocity, and variety. The proportional increase in these means more processing of data which means spending more money. The main expenses are due to

  • High-quality hardware (computers, storage spaces, etc)
  • Different types of databases are used according to user requirements
  • Use of compound databases
  • The complexity of data
  • Time required to manage the databases.


The database cost can be reduced by adopting several easy solutions :

  • Computerization: instead of using multiple servers use a tool that congregates the servers to a single server. It will save a loss of management costs.
  • Maintain a standard: start picking out the servers that match your standard and cut out the rest. It may seem like a tough job, but it will help to save a lot of money.
  • Integration: By integrating servers and moving many databases to the same logical database helps to save money. Every database requires a license, integrating multiple databases can reduce the licensing costs.


In large enterprises, managing the budget, and cutting out expenses is what helps the business to make more profit. Businesses seek to acquire tools that can reduce their workload and prices. Softwares that have fluctuating prices are not compatible with any company.

The sales data generator helps to reduce the database cost by giving the option of multiple logins to the same database. This reduces the price in so many possible ways.

  • Users don’t have to pay separately for the maintenance of the system.
  • A single license is used, which abolishes the requirement of multiple licenses.
  • Consolidating databases on one server is the most effective method to allow multiple logins and decrease the number of servers.
  • Automation: auto management of data reduces maintenance prices.

Sales data Generator is a unique data management tool that has this feature to allow several users to merge their databases within a single server.

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