Top 10 Hospitals in Indiana

Top 10 Hospitals in Indiana

The health status of the citizens in a country is very important. Contrary to what some people think, the health status of the individuals living in a country shows the success rate of the country. Unfortunately, greater emphasis is placed on economic growth and development. But, a country with a larger population of sick people will not be able to attain economic growth and development as poor health will always make it difficult to achieve success.

People living in the United States understand the importance of health rankings. This is why it is not taken lightly. For the people living in the States, it is even important to measure health rankings in smaller scales and then ascertain how it affects the members of the public and other choices. Measuring the health impacts of Indiana and comparing it with other states is necessary to discover how to go about it. It reveals the quality of life in the state.

The U.S. News reports that the health condition and status of people living in Indiana is not very encouraging. Lots of unhealthy lifestyles are promoted by the citizens and this affects the general wellbeing of their bodies. Smoking and drug abuse is prevalent among people in this region and this has contributed to the development of other health conditions. The report showed that these health conditions affects people with low income compared to those of the higher income.

While this is a worrisome condition, there is good news for the people of Indiana as research in recent times have shown that the community is a leader in health research and has encouraged widespread commitment in tackling some of health-related issues. The State Department of Indiana has also encouraged healthy relationships in ensuring that it joined forces with other well-meaning institutions to tackle the effect of poor healthy lifestyles. This joint effort has yielded good results as Indiana is now regarded as one of the states in the United States that encourages healthy living.

One of the ways Indiana helped to attain this feat is by encouraging residents to openly discuss health challenges they have. This was insightful as it opened them to a greater chance of learning and addressing health difficulties that they struggle with. Now, it does not end there. They are also encouraged to participate in finding solutions to these problems and ensuring that it is addressed appropriately.

The participation of Indiana’s residents in researching health related issues has also helped the state and citizens of the community are encouraged to keep up in this manner so that Indiana can become one of the healthiest communities. Even when the effort of the residents of Indiana has been recognized, it is still essential to state that the hospitals in Indiana has also contributed tremendously to the development of the health needs of the people. There are 159 hospitals in Indiana. To this effect, it is not surprising that the hospitals in Indiana have played crucial role in ensuring that the residents of the community are disease-free and healthy. The top ten hospitals in Indiana are:

Indiana University Health Medical Center: This hospital occupies the first place in the state. It is nationally ranked as a prestigious hospital in two adult specialties and none children specialties. It is also high performing in nine procedures and operations.

Deaconess Hospital: Deaconess Hospital is located at Evansville. It has not been nationally ranked but this hospital is known to perform nine procedures and operations. The hospital provides the medical and health needs of different patients in the state. This, deaconess hospital enjoys the second place in IN because of the services it renders to the public.

Ascension St Vincent Hospital: This hospital is located at Indianapolis. It is one of the best hospitals that is present in the United States. This hospital performs seven procedures and operations. It is not nationally ranked in any given specialty.  

Community Hospital of Anderson and Madison County: This hospital occupies fourth position and is not nationally ranked in any specialty. It performs 6 procedures and conditions very well. There are lots of positive recommendations that have emanated from different patients as regards this hospital.

Franciscan Health Indianapolis: This hospital is situated at Indianapolis and is not nationally ranked in any specialty. The hospital is very notable and performs highly in 7 procedures and conditions. It is a hospital that takes into consideration the health needs and challenges of the people.

Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital: The hospital is located at Muncie. It is notable for performing six different procedures and operations. It is not nationally ranked in any specialty.

Memorial Hospital of South Bend: The hospital is located in South bend. It is high performing in 6 different procedures and operations but the hospital is not nationally ranked in any specialty.

Parkview Regional Medical Center: It is situated at Fort Wayne. It is a notable hospital that delivers outstanding medical services to residents of the state. In Indiana, Parkview Regional Medical Center is one of the top ten hospitals that individuals can rely on to provide them with appropriate medical services. However, the hospital is not nationally ranked in any specialty. But, this does not limit it in any way from providing suitable healthcare services to those who are in dire need of them.

Mishawaka Medical Center: This hospital is located at Mishawaka. The hospital is not nationally ranked in any specialty but it performs six procedures and operations. The hospital possesses the right hands to help in the meeting the demands of the public. In this way, residents of IN are assured of getting appropriate medicals services and enjoying all the benefits that are inherent in the organization.

Adams Memorial Hospital: It is located in Decateur. The hospital is not nationally ranked in any specialty.

The hospitals in Indiana are reliable and are trusted to deliver efficient healthcare services to residents of the state. Though there are lots of hospitals in the state, the top-notch hospitals are explained in this article. The above hospitals are the most trusted and reliable to deliver proper healthcare services to the residents of the state.

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