Top 10 Hospitals in Florida

Top 10 Hospitals in Florida

Florida is a state that is appreciated by a lot of people. It is fondly referred to as sunshine state. It is an ideal place for tourism affairs and also provides lots of benefits to its visitors. The sunshine state as it is known as has lots of health benefits to offer to the people who love there. In fact, there are numerous advantages of living in Florida especially as it concerns the health of individuals.

The presence of good hospitals ensures that residents are not at a disadvantage when it comes to their health needs. In addition, the temperature of the state helps to control the emergence of health conditions such as arthritis and joint problems. The presence of the sun in Florida encourages people to bask in the sunlight and this in turn, reduce the risk of certain diseases in the body such as certain types of cancer.

There are also lots of opportunities for people in Florida to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, walking and other pleasant activities. Of course, there are lots of activities that improve health conditions and living in Florida fosters such healthy habits. While health care services are top notch in Florida, it is also necessary that individuals live healthy lifestyles and this is what Florida promotes.

It is also important to explain that there are lots of hospitals in Florida. It is estimated that there are about 252 hospitals in Florida. These hospitals serve the common good for the general public by ensuring that residents of the state enjoy good health. This includes the provision of adequate healthcare facilities, and other needs that encourage healthy lifestyle. The top 10 hospitals in FL are as follows:

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville: This is a teaching hospital that provides general medical and surgical facility. The hospital is ranked in different specialist and performs sixteen different procedures and operations. Mayo Clinic is ranked no 1 in Florida.

UF Health Shands Hospital: This hospital is located in Gainesville, FL. It is ranked no 2 in Florida and performs 12 procedures and operations. It is a teaching hospital with a general medical and surgical facility. UF Health Shands hospital is evaluated from data from different arms of the hospital such as UF Health Shands Children hospital, UF Health Shands Cancer hospital and UF Health Shands Psychiatric hospital. This hospital is ranked in pediatric hospitals and adult specialties hospital.

AdventHealth Orlando: It is located in Orlando. The hospital is also a teaching hospital and has been ranked in 3 adult specialties and one pediatric specialty. The hospital performs 16 different procedures and operations. AdventHealth Orlando is evaluated from the activities of its different arms which include AdventHealth Altamonte Springs, AdventHealth Celebration, AdventHealth Children and so on.

Tampa General Hospital: This hospital is located at Tampa and is ranked in five adult specialties. It performs 12surgical procedures and operations. The evaluation of Tampa General hospital is also derived from its various arms which make up the hospital’s structure.

Cleveland Clinic Weston: The hospital is located in Weston and is ranked no. 5. It is known to perform 13 different operations and conditions effectively. It is also ranked in one adult specialty. Patients of this hospital have acknowledged the efficiency of the medical services rendered.

Morton Plant hospital: This hospital is ranked number 6 on the list. In Florida, Morton Plant hospital is situated at Clear water. However, the hospital is not ranked in any specialty. It is also known to perform 15 different operations and conditions perfectly. The hospital is regarded as one of the best hospitals in Florida.

Sarasota Memorial hospital: It is located in Sarasota, FL. It performs 15 different operations and conditions. The hospital is ranked in one adult specialty. It is also a teaching hospital that performs general medical and surgical facility. The hospital is top-notch and also delivers efficient medical services.

Orlando Health-Orlando Regional Medical Center: The hospital is located in Orlando. It is ranked no. 8 in Florida and delivers appropriate medical services. Orlando Health-Orlando Regional Medical Center is notably known to perform 13 procedures and conditions efficiently. The hospital is a general and surgical facility. The evaluation of the hospital is also derived from the data of its different arms such as Arnold Palmer Hospital for children, Winnie Palmer hospital for women and babies, and Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital.

Baptist Health Baptist Hospital: It is located in Miami, Fl. The hospital is ranked in the ninth place in Florida. This shows that the Baptist Health Baptist Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Florida. Although the hospital is not nationally ranked in any specialty, it still does not rule out the fact that the hospital is efficient in delivering healthcare services. It delivers appropriate services for 3 adult specialties and also eight operations and procedures.

Lee Memorial Hospital: This hospital is located in Fort Myers, FL. It is ranked in any specialty. However, the hospital is known to deliver efficient and visible results for 11 procedures and conditions. It is very evident that Lee Memorial Hospital is very outstanding in the services it provides.

The top 10 hospitals in Florida were generated from different parts of the state. The collection was derived from U.S. News. It estimated that there are thirty-five hospitals that meet the standards of the healthcare industry. As such, the healthcare service in the state of Florida pays attention to the health demands of the public. However, special attention is given to the top 10 hospitals.

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