The healthcare system is becoming increasingly an influential player in the lives of many residents of the United States. IDN an acronym for Integrated Delivery Network has also contributed immensely to the shift from volume to value. Hence, emphasis is no longer on the amount of organizations in the healthcare industry. Rather, there is an intense desire on how to influence the treatment behavior of a physician. In this way, an ability to reach diverse number of affiliated providers is created rather than the archaic method of reaching one after the other.

Another name that IDNs are called in the United States is Organized providers. Thus, healthcare providers in the United States must be affiliated with one IDN. Integrated Delivery System (IDN) are known to include one or several acute hospitals as well an outpatient facility. These facilities provide adequate care for different diseases experienced in various states.

The IDN is an organization of healthcare providers that comes together through formal agreements to agree with local healthcare facilities and control then under one governing body. Fortunately, there are more than 1000 IDNs in the United States but not every one of them is active in the US healthcare system. Some of the IDNs do not cut across various geographical locations in the US. The essence of IDN is to promote managed care in the US as opposed an individually organized fee-for-service care. In the United States, IDNs have been given a special recognition to mean that it is a network of healthcare organizations that integrates patient care. Integrated Delivery Network is responsible for managing the health of the population. They can be accessed using factors such as reimbursement, clinical integration and an alignment of healthcare providers.  Although, there are different types of criticisms that have been meted out to IDNs, it still doesn’t stop the reality that IDNs play a crucial part in the healthcare system of the American population. The top ten (10) hospital IDNs are:

Highmark Health: This is a non-profit company that is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.  It operates several profit subsidiaries.

Kaiser Permanente: This IDN provides quality and affordable healthcare services for members. It is concerned with improving the lives of the members and communities they serve. Its model of operation enables it care for members and devise prevention strategies to disease and other ailments. The organization possesses expertise that is skilled to carry out the work and transform the healthcare industry with the right energy.

UPMC: The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is a nonprofit Integrated health enterprise that is present in 800 clinical locations. It is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh and has 92,000 employees.

Mayo Clinic: This is a non-profit center that is focused on providing the right type of healthcare while integrating it with education and research activities. It specializes in treating difficult patient cases and has successfully handled different types of transplants in the United States.  They provide specialized care to individuals and focus on preventive healthcare functions. The goal of Mayo Clinic is to decrease monetary motivation and increase the need for patient care in the United States.

Cleveland Clinic: This company was founded on the premise that healthcare providers should work together as a team to provide the welfare of patients. There are several outpatient facilities that are structured to meet the needs of individuals and address their health concerns.

Geisinger Health System: This is a wellness organization that is focused on making individuals live healthier lives with ease. This organization also helps health providers care for their patients properly.

Jefferson Health: This is a healthcare system that is known to provide care for different communities such as Port Townsend, Port Hadlock and Jefferson County. It is a medical facility where surgical operations are also conducted.

Partners Healthcare: This is a combination of different healthcare organizations that came together under the umbrella of partners healthcare. Even though partners healthcare has changed its name, it still remains one of the foremost hospital IDNs in the States because of its contribution to patient care.

Ascension health: This is a catholic hospital system that operates in nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare centers. The organization addresses healthcare services, capital investing, and also creates community benefit programs. The aim of this system is to help create a channel where the needs of patients will be adequately taken care of.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: This organization is created to take care of cancer diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.

The various IDNs in the United States has promoted managed care for individuals. It has also contributed significantly in the healthcare sector by ensuring that patients get the best from the system.


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