In these unprecedented times, it is necessary that the healthcare industry takes various forms of precautionary measures to protect its interest and that of the general public. In the early months of 2020, the Earth was struck with a pandemic that disrupted economic activities all over the world.

This unexpected situation exposed the vulnerability of the healthcare industry as little effort was concentrated in preventing the situation and even controlling it appropriately. Critical issues such as data vulnerability, safety and infrastructural needs became a thing for the industry to worry about. It was clear that there was a need to create a collaborative system that embraces the different aspect of the healthcare industry and protected healthcare providers and organizations from coming to any form of harm. The pandemic even though it brought a lot of ills introduced a favorable development in the healthcare industry. This still remains relevant in the history of the healthcare industry considering the struggles and challenges it experienced in the period.

The industry came together as a whole and sought ways to address the issue and foster a way forward to avert the threat the pandemic brought upon the activities of the industry.

Some of the top 10 healthcare trends are:

An active supply chain:

Supply chains are necessary in the healthcare process. In other to get it right, the healthcare industry has developed healthy practices of maintain its supply chain and meeting the expectation of the public. One of the practices of the healthcare industry in recent times is the increase in storage facilities. The healthcare trend has adopted an approach of self-distribution rather than relying solely on independent distributors to meet its demands. It also encourages new supply chain models and smarter means of conveying information.

Cooperative Competition:

When things turned sour in the healthcare industry, all hands were put on deck to curtail the spread of the disease especially as it claimed lives all over the world. Regardless of the differences in the way the various hospitals operated, they all came together for the common good of everyone. A new trend in the industry is to leverage the abilities of various healthcare organizations and power players to improve patient care and the services provided to the public.

Delivery of patients products and services:

In ordering for goods and services, we expect the products to be delivered to us at the agreed upon time, right? The same as applicable in the healthcare industry as patients now desire to be accorded the same privileges that individuals enjoy. Thus, when they order for medical products and supplies, it should be delivered to them accordingly without any form of delay. This is gradually becoming the trend as efforts are concentrated in this regard to make it a reality.

Individualized Care:

The report conducted in 2020 showed that patients expressed satisfaction at the personalized care they received from their healthcare providers. This can be achieved either through virtual means or in person. Whatever form it takes, the loyalty of customers lies in healthcare providers that show them a level of personal touch as this makes them feel appreciated and cared for.

Workforce safety:

The workforce of the healthcare industry is adequately cared for. There is a higher level of employee retention and the level of health care teams is largely encouraging. The COVID 19 pandemic brought up the issue of employees safety and welfare and this introduced a welcoming development.

Artificial intelligence:

The introduction of AI in the healthcare industry is a trend that has brought various forms of development in the industry. Other industries are known to make use of AI in respective capacities and the healthcare industry has also relied on the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve the services offered to the general public. This is seen in the efficiency of radiology services and the productivity that is achieved in the nonclinical areas.

Revenue diversification:

The healthcare industry now makes use of data to generate revenue that is used in making investments that is necessary in patient care. Capital funds are used to monitor nonoperating investments and create ways of yielding revenue for the industry. Healthcare organizations are also making use of intellectual property to yield funds and generate revenue for its activities.


Healthcare organizations are beginning to merge with one another to develop better operational methods. Partnering with larger organizations are necessary in ensuring better patient care and the need to provide basic needs to the patients and other members of the public. The way things are going in the healthcare industry large health systems are going to monetize investments and make the best out of it. This will demonstrate a lot of growth in the industry and help the healthcare industry grow better and make better profit to aid its development.

Various shifts:

There are shifts from how things are to what they should be. The attitude from the employers, providers and payers are a welcome development to help make things better in the healthcare industry. Employers are no longer able to comfortably finance all their plans and this is why they are eager to partner with payers to help them manage cost while running productive operations. On the other hand, providers are responsible for introducing high quality service at an affordable cost which revolves around patient evolving needs. Also, payers are also needed to bring up designs that are targeted at providing virtual care and then manage their activities effectively.

These healthcare trends have shown that the healthcare industry is gradually becoming a force to reckon with as things are gradually becoming better for everyone, the patients inclusive. These trends mean that there will be lots of positive activities that will influence the things that take place in the industry. Therefore, all integral parts and aspects of the healthcare industry is aimed at promoting productivity and efficiency in the industry. In this way, patient care is improved and the employees in the healthcare industry will be adequately catered for.

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