Healthcare is one of the important and growing top-notch industries in the world now. It is an essential part of earning revenue for many countries. All sectors are geared towards providing quality care and advanced treatment to their patients. All healthcare units, primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care aim at offering premium services. The industry is bringing in groundbreaking technologies for up-to-the-minute treatments. It is making no exception in equipping modern tools for alternative business models. The implementation of Machine Learning ML in healthcare is a way forward to the future.


As we are talking about the benefits, you might be interested in knowing what is machine learning and how it works? As the name suggests, the machine/algorithm you are using learns through the data fed into it and gives suggestions regarding that data. It analyzes the stored information and makes data-based decisions that are beneficial to you and your project.


Healthcare has been leading in benefiting from Machine Learning. From basic operations to surgery, ML is performing many tasks improving the standardization of the healthcare industry. A few of the many applications of ML in the health sector are :


ML has improved the method for identifying diseases. Differential diagnoses and underlying pathologies of disease are done instantly, with minimal effort from the physician. ML helps to identify the exact cause and nature of the abnormality. From portable scanners to computerized sequencing of tumor markers, ML has completely invaded the medical sciences. IBM Watson Genomics is an AI tool now being used to provide all the available treatments for a patient based on his genetic coding.


Today, several techniques are used for medical imaging. Most of them show the internal state of the body without posing any harmful threats to the body. A few imaging procedures are

Computed tomography x-ray or ultrasound scan
Magnetic resonance imaging
Nuclear medicine
Bone scan

Out of all these, Magnetic resonance imaging proves to provide the highest quality of images.


The use of ML for electronic health records has allowed the healthcare industry to upgrade the standards and surpass the barriers of growing population and patients. Clinics are now able to keep a complete record of their patients from day one safely and securely. The usage of electronic health records improves clinical research, creating opportunities for health professionals to do a wide range of studies on the population.


The recent use of ML has been a prominent and constructive factor in tracing the possible carriers of the COVID-19. Once a person has been tested positive for the virus, contact tracing is done to identify all other suspected carriers of the disease, people who were around the patient, or the areas where the patient traveled before being tested positive are analyzed to check any further positive cases.

The usage of ML is helping the Healthcare industry, to cope with the challenges it is facing in this modern civilization. By predicting outbreaks and providing practical solutions by ML has been saving many of us!


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